P1b Learning Log wb: 19.2.18

What is going well in P1b?

Abbie and Latisha  like playing at shops and buying and selling toys.

Felix enjoys playing games at the Smart Board.  He likes counting out pennies on the Money  Shop game.

Cody likes playing games and with toys at Golden Time.

Jamie and Cody are little scientists when they play at the water tray.  They have been experimenting to see what floats and what sinks.

Emma has fun and keeps fit when we do some Cosmic Yoga routines.

The whole class are excited to learn that they will be doing some Loose Parts Play in the playground.

What could be better?

Abbie now wants to learn some bigger numbers.

This week’s highlights.

Latisha thinks that playing with the toys in the playground is great. She especially likes the monkey bars and the bouncy hoppers.

Emma, Abbie, Latisha, Felix, Cody and Emma all agree that singing “Don’t Worry” was a lot of fun during assembly.  Thank you Mr Craighead!



The children in P1b have been learning about ‘Floating and Sinking’ with Mrs. Flockhart.



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