P3a Learning Log 22nd February 2018

This week in maths we went outside to time other people doing different activities. It was cool. (Martin)

This week in literacy we made sentences because before we weren’t that good. We learnt that a sentence must have a capital letter, a full stop and a verb. (Finlay)

This week in topic we learnt about famous inventors, like Alexander Graham Bell and Alexander Fleming. It was really cool. (Martin)

This week in writing we wrote about what you would do if you had lots of money. (Finlay)

In P.E. we got a extra PE lesson because we always have our P.E. kit and it was awesome! (Martin)

We were practising our times tables in maths. We did the 2, 3 and 5 times tables. (Finlay)

We need to get better at handwriting and spelling.

Finlay and Martin

Timing our star jumps with stopwatches

Getting ready for our extra P.E. lesson

Our designs in the style of Charles Rennie Macintosh

Finlay D’s maths starter

How quickly could you complete the jigsaw?

Finlay and Martin

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