P3b Learning Log 05.02.18-09.02.18

What is going well?

I have learned that you do not give personal details to people on the internet. -Sadie

I have learned to tell the time on a digital clock. –Josie

I learned how to make different shapes with my body in gymnastics.  –Daisy

I liked watching the Greyfriars Bobby movie and talking about how it was different to the story we read. –Maya

I learned o’clock and half past times on an analogue and digital clock. . -Eva


What could be better?

I would like to make a Scotts Monument model. –Oskar

I would like to find out about animals that live in Scotland. –Eloisa

I would like to do more drama. –Karly

I would like to make Greyfriars Bobby posters that tell people about his life.–Bailey B

I would like to do more Scotland art . –Polly



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