Nursery News


Dear Nursery Parents and Carers

Volcanoes have still been of interest this week in nursery. The volcano experiment was carried out in the garden.  The pupils watched the volcano erupt using the experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.  The children used fabulous vocabulary such as ‘dormant,’ lava and ‘extinct’. This is the beginning of understanding chemical reactions and the world around us.

We will also be joining the school achievements celebrations in giving the Star of the Week award.  A pupil can receive this recognition for being a good friend, following instructions, tidying up, sharing and good listening.  The staff will decide at the end of the week and the pupil’s photo will be placed on a board at the school entrance.  A certificate will also be awarded.

Bertie and Rosie bear will be emerging out of hibernation and coming home with the children for a night again!  Everyone is very excited.  The children can complete their diaries and we can share their stories with the class. You don’t have to take lots of photos.  A drawing by the children is super too.  This is a great way to build on the children’s confidence in speaking to a large group.  It will also allow our new nursery pupils to have a turn and get to know the other pupils in the class.

The two nursery sessions had class photographs taken on Thursday.  Look out for more information on how to purchase these.

Please can we ask all children to dismount from their scooters/bikes when entering the school playground.


Kind regards

The nursery team

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