Pupil Voice W/B 29.01.2018 – P4b

This week has been progress jotter week. All children’s work has been recorded in the jotter and will be sent out on Wednesday of next week. P4b have had a very busy week of learning!

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Kyle- I enjoyed gymnastics

Emma- I liked learning about gymnastics

Jamie- I enjoyed doing signalong training

Alex CL- I enjoyed gymnastics in PE

Josh- I enjoyed gymnastics

Jenna- I liked learning sign language

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Vanshika- I would like to get better at grids in maths

Fletcher- I would like to work on my sign language as it was quite tricky

Amelie- I would like to learn more about Leith

Cayden- I would like to get better at sign language

Ruairidh- I want to get better at Spanish

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