P3a Learning Log 2nd February 2018

This week in writing we created a story about a monster and Erskine’s was called Stonna and Finlay’s was called Huge Tuffy.

This week in literacy we learnt about adverbs. They tell you more about verbs.

In maths we learnt about time and we are OK at it.

In P.E we played games with a parachute and it was amazing!

In topic we learnt about Greyfriars Bobby.

This week we learnt how to draw superheroes with Helen and Michael, a cartoonist.

We need to get better at spelling and not moving off green on the chart.

Our wish is to go on a trip to the castle.

Erskine and Finlay

Parachute games

We designed superheroes with special powers to challenge bullying.

Spelling practice

Our mythical water creatures

Erskine and Finlay

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