P3a Learning Log 26th January 2018

This week was Scottish week at school. We learnt Scottish poems and we all did well.

Seven of us got into the semi finals and Georgia and Ayla were among them.

Lari Don came and read stories to us and she was very interesting.

Comic Book Heroes came and we did drama and it was fun. It was about a bully.

In PE we learnt gymnastics and we learnt to do forward rolls. It was fun and we did well..

In class we all did the ‘Shooglie Wooglie’ and ‘Heidi’s, Shooders, Knaps and Taes’. We had a good week.

We need to get better at spelling.

Georgia and Ayla

Our Scots Poetry Competition semi-finalists.

Scottish Dancing

We designed our own tartans.

Writin aboot characters in ‘The Gruffalo’ wiz awfu hard!

Edinburgh Skylines:

Georgia and Ayla

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