P4B Pupil Voice- 19.01.18

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Alex D- I enjoyed Generation Science “we got to control our own robots”


Rhys- “I enjoyed taking part in generation science”


Quinn- “I enjoyed learning my seven times table”


Josh- “I enjoyed learning my times tables”


Emma- “I enjoyed meeting Generation Science”


Amelie- “I enjoyed learning Spanish colours”


Lucas- “I enjoyed learning about grids and sketching a map of local area”


Jamie- “I enjoyed programming a robot with generation science and the dance off at the end”


Ruairi- “I loved the robots and would love to learn how to program tricky robots”


Ava- “I enjoyed generation science”

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Jamie- “ I would like to get better at drawing sketches of maps”


Fletcher- “I would like to practise reading this week as I think I could find words that I don’t usually read”


Thea- “I would like to try harder map reading questions”


Mark would like to work on developing his signing.


Lucas- “I would like to learn about harder grids”


Emma- “I would like to learn about even harder grids”


Pupil Choice/Evaluation

* Learning about programming with generation science.

* Times tables in math’s.

! Work on tricky grid problem.

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