Science in p4B

We were really lucky to have snow this morning at HPPS. We took this opportunity to look at a science experiment. The children brought in a snow ball and wanted to find out the answer ‘how quickly does snow melt?’. We enjoyed making predictions and recorded the process. Have a look at our findings…


*spoiler alert, it took 2 hours 55 minutes to fully melt.

Pupil Voice – P4 Week Beginning – 8th January 2018

What is going well?

I have enjoyed learning about…

Jamie- Maps and Grids in math’s
Makadi- My times tables in math’s
Ruairi S- Learning Spanish
Emma- Leith and different types of housing
Fletcher- 6,7,8 times tables
Jude- dividing in numeracy

What could be better?

I want to improve…

Ava- my twelve times tables
Kyle- cursive handwriting
Quinn- learning about time
Alex D- Leith

What a fantastic first week back in Primary 4b! We have jumped right back into our learning and have began our new topic- Leith. We have also been learning about resilience within the school and will be focusing on that in more detail in class through activites and circle time.

P1a Learning Log 8.01.18

What is going well?

“We learned some Spanish like ‘hola’. That means ‘hello’.” – Corbin

“We helped each other get changed for gym.” – Atharv

“We learned some yoga moves.” – Inana

“We started our new project which is about Toys!” – Carmella

“We did a Circle Time and talked about our Christmas Holidays.” – Grace

“We learned to read some alien names.” – Tiegan

“We played in the sand pit and put sand in different boxes.” – Martin

“We played the toys game in gym. Our team were the yoyos!” – Darcy

“Cowboy tig!” – Youcef

“Writing in the pad in the house corner.” – Tia

“I learned how to write some words.” – Dominik

“We have been practising all the letters in the alphabet.” – Charlotte

“I liked playing firework tig.” – Christopher

What could be better?

“We could make some toys.” – Sophia

“We can make a toy shop.” – Finlay

“Keep writing the tricky letters.” – Devyn

“We could play the sun game.” – Krystian

“Do more number games.” – Matylda

“I want to play toilet tig.” – Zosia

“We could get better at our sounds.” – Milo

“I want to see how high we can count!” – Maya

“I want to learn about lots of different toys.” – Lacey

P6b Learning Log w.c. 8.1.18

Calum’s Learning Log.

This week I learned that it’s better to wait if your dad or your mum gave you a marshmallow and they go away for five minutes and they said you’d get two marshmallowsif you don’t eat it. It’s better to wait  because it’s worth it.

Next week I will get better at daily mile and get my stamina better.

This week I enjoyed PE because in gymnastics  we were climbing.

We thought about New Year resolutions and turned them into positive affirmations, then we learned a New Year song and choreographed our own dances to it.


We also had money workshops provided by MyBnk. We learned that what we need and what we want are not always the same thing. We need to budget to work out how much we need to spend and how much we have left for other things. It was very interesting, we had fun and we worked hard in our groups.


P3b Learning Log 08.01.18-12.01.18

What is going well?

I liked doing gymnastics in p.e. -Eloisa

I liked climbing on the climbing frame in p.e. –Luci

I learned how to give change in maths. –Eva

I learned how to say different fruits in French. –Christopher

I learned how to do a blankety blank task for muckle reading. -Casey


What could be better?

I would like to get better at writing tricky words.  –Daisy

Next week I want to learn more about using a and an. –Victor

I would like to do more art next week.  –Maurice

I would like to do more about change in maths. –Chloe

I want to learn new facts about Scotland.   -Brandyn


P3a Learning Log 11th January 2018

Happy New Year!

This week we made New Year’s resolutions. Mine is to exercise more and Zahra’s is to eat vegetables.

In maths we learnt about money and giving change from £1 and 50p. We played a Toy Shop game in class.

This week in topic we learnt about Scotland. We wrote down what we knew and some questions.

In .P.E. we learned gymnastics and we climbed the climbing frame. It was good fun.

In literacy we learnt how to use a and an. When the word begins with a consonant, you use a and if it’s a vowel, you use an.

Robyn and Zahra

Planning our topic.

Maths starter- making 24

Gymnastics in action