Scots Week

The Pupil Council meet author Lari Don

They say you should never meet your hero. Well Hermitage Park met their Hero, the Scottish award winning children’s author (and former Hermie parent) Lari Don and we were not disappointed!

She stayed the whole day to work with all classes, reading extracts from her books, story-telling, book signing and offering creative writing tips. All the children agreed the event was just as magical as her books.

The children are going to use this inspiration to be creative readers and writers with their buddies.

Pupil Council & Lari Don

P1a Learning Log 22.1.18

What is going well?

“Playing babies and mummies in the house corner.” – Sophia

“I liked winning the poem competition.” – Zosia

“I liked learning both of the poems.” – Inana

“I liked designing my own tartan and doing Scottish stuff!” – Corbin

“We learned about Robert Burns.” – Maya

“I liked the Scots Assembly.” – Darcy

“I like playing with the fire engines and the fire station.” – Christopher

“I liked colouring in a thistle.” – Matylda

“I liked learning my poem.” – Milo

“I liked everyone wearing tartan.” – Grace

“I liked watching the highland dancers.” – Krystian

“I like dressing up!” – Martin

“I liked the Toy shop game.” – Charlotte

“I like the fire engine.” – Youcef

What could be better?

“I want to play with the fire station more next week.” – Lacey

“I want to do more drawing.” – Finlay

“We could make shapes in the sand.” – Tia

“I want to try another jigsaw next week.” – Devyn

“I want to practise using laces.” – Indae

“Learn about more different toys.” – Carmella

“We could make a toy.” – Atharv

“Do even more Mr Men jigsaws!” – Teigan

P3b Learning Log 22.01.18-26.01.18

What is going well?

I liked hearing the story Cinderella in Scots.  -Casey

I learned how to make an Edinburgh skyline picture.  –Sadie

I enjoyed making my Edinburgh skyline picture in art. –Elza

I liked making my own tartan in art. –Victor

I learned how to do a backwards roll in P.E this week. -Oskar


What could be better?

I would like to go on a trip to Edinburgh castle. –Daisy

I would like to do more experiments about fizzes. –Brandyn

I would like to make a Scotland flag next week.  –Chloe

I would like to learn about Scottish flowers.  –Eloisa

I would like to learn about Greyfriars Bobby.    -Laila

p4B Pupil Voice

We had a fantastic week learning Scot’s, we met with author Lari Donn and enjoyed the experience of performing poetry to our peers!

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Alex D- “I enjoyed learning Spanish”

Mya- “I enjoyed learning about perspective drawing”

Alex CL- “I liked art in class. Drawing my street in Leith”

Rhys- “I liked learning to speak in Scot’s”

Quinn & Mark- “We liked learning about Scot’s and Math’s (times tables)”

Emma- “ I enjoyed PE as we were learning gymnastics”

Lucas- “I enjoyed drawing 3D buildings in the street”


What could be better?


I want to improve…


Makadi- “I would like to work on getting better at my times tables”

Alex D- “I would like to work on chimney sums”

Fletcher- “I would like to improve on chimney sums”

Thea- “I would like to improve on learning and reading poetry”

Darin- “I would like to work on poetry because I would like to get better at reading it”

Meadow- “I would like to learn more about Leith”

Vanshika- “I would like to improve my numbers 11-20 in Spanish”

Cayden- “I would like to improve my gymnastics”

P6b Learning Log w.c. 22.1.18

Jonny’s  Learning Log

I think this week I did well learning a Scots poem because I tried really hard. My poem I learnt the whole poem off by heart and I got chosen to read mine out in Assembly.

In ICT I got lots of  facts about Ancient Greek artefacts and I saw lots of different artefacts and my artefact I chose was a Greek vase. Next time I will  find out even more facts and we are going to use this information to help us in out art projec.Next week I want to get better at daily mile because I was talking lots but I will get much better by not talking.

I really enjoyed our novel Percy Jackson and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

We had a visit from Lari Don, whose daughters used to come to Hermitage Park. Lari has written lots of fantastic children’s books and she gave us lots of tips on how to improve our writing. We made up a chase sequence together and next week we are going to try writing our own chase sequences.


P3a Learning Log 26th January 2018

This week was Scottish week at school. We learnt Scottish poems and we all did well.

Seven of us got into the semi finals and Georgia and Ayla were among them.

Lari Don came and read stories to us and she was very interesting.

Comic Book Heroes came and we did drama and it was fun. It was about a bully.

In PE we learnt gymnastics and we learnt to do forward rolls. It was fun and we did well..

In class we all did the ‘Shooglie Wooglie’ and ‘Heidi’s, Shooders, Knaps and Taes’. We had a good week.

We need to get better at spelling.

Georgia and Ayla

Our Scots Poetry Competition semi-finalists.

Scottish Dancing

We designed our own tartans.

Writin aboot characters in ‘The Gruffalo’ wiz awfu hard!

Edinburgh Skylines:

Georgia and Ayla

P1b wb: 15.01.18

What is going well?

Sophie liked watching the video of the jumping lemurs.  She also enjoys blowing up her space bubble when we do PE.

Mia said that when we were practising different ways to jump in the hall we were getting lots of good exercise.

Sonny also enjoyed jumping, especially when we were jumping in and out of a hoop.

Jamie likes playing at the water tray.  He has been finding different sounds on the toy crabs.

Orla has learned her sounds, but she still enjoys practising them.

Cody likes to play tag outside in the playground with his friends.

Darcy enjoyed making a toy in class.  Everyone made a thaumotrope which is a scientific toy with two pictures. When you spin the thaumotrope the two pictures seem to combine to make one picture.

What could be better?

Millie would like the teachers to read more stories to the class.

Mia thinks that we should keep practising our sounds.


P1a Learning Log 15.01.18

What is going well?

“We did some Mr Men jigsaws.” – Milo

“We did the toyshop game with toys from the past like yoyos, spinning tops, teddies and rocking horses.” – Aiyet

“I liked drawing and colouring.” – Charlotte

“We practised writing our letters.” – Lacey

“I liked playing with the fire station because I like fire engines.” – Finlay

“I like doing gym because it keeps us fit.” – Maya

“I like playing in the house corner because I like dressing up.” – Carmella

“I liked playing with the new puppets in the puppet theatre.” – Grace

“I liked doing the game in gym when you shout something out and we run.” – Christopher

“I liked learning about toys from the past like spinning tops.” – Corbin

“I like playing with the sand because we looked for balls with words.” – Zosia

“I liked drawing toys.” – Teigan

“I like iPads and fire station.” – Youcef

“I like moving the clock in the house corner.” – Darcy

What could be better?

“Cursive writing has been tricky.” – Martin

“Next week I want to work on sentences.” – Atharv

“It was tricky to write the letter g.” – Devyn

“I want to play number games on the iPads.” – Tia

“I want to do more drawing.” – Matylda

“More little sand trays.” – Dominik

“More jigsaws next week.” – Krystian

P3b Learning Log 15.01.17-19.01.17

What is going well?

I liked painting my own tartan picture in art. -Chloe

I liked when Generation Science came to do experiments with us, it was quite scary. . –Brandyn

I liked making a mindfulness stone. We painted them at wrote positive messages on them. –Josie

I liked making our own tartan. I liked it because learned about tartan as well.  –Karly

I learned about a and an. The rule is:  use a with words that start with consonants and use an for words that start with vowels.  -Maya


What could be better?

I would like to do more gymnastics in P.E–Elza

I would like to do more dancing in P.E.  –Daisy

Next week I would like to learn more balancing in gymnastics. –Severijus

I would like to learn about Scottish castles. –Bailey G

I would like to learn about Robbie Burns.   -Eva