P6b Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

Anushka’s Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

This week I learned how to do planet research. Alice and I really tried our best to find out more about Haumea and we learned a lot, like when it was discovered and what it is made of.

I enhoyed Christmas carol singing in Lochend Hub. I really enjoyed it because the adults were singing with us. It was really exciting how they got to sing too. We had a challenge to see who would win, the adults or the children. The children won by 2 votes to 1!

I could get better at Maths as it was hard to remember all the points of the compass.

We went carol singing at Lochend Hub. The people there said that we were great. The adults looked like they were enjoying singing as much as we were. We used bell shakers and Mr. Craighead played his guitar. We all had fun!


We had our Christmas Party on Thursday. We played games, had a snack and did three Scottish Country Dances!






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