P6a Learning Log – 8th December 2017

This week in P6a we have been very busy. Here is a review of our week.

Maths – in our new shape work we were doing parallel and perpendicular line and it was challenging at first. By the end people knew what they were doing.
Big Writing – we were doing Christmas themed writing using paragraphs and we had a plan to follow. We made pictures to go with the stories because we are going to tell our stories to the Primary 1s.
Scottish Country Dancing – we did well as we have not had time for other practices so far. We were all sensible about holding hands and we did really well. We did the Gay Gordons, the Canadian Barn Dance and the Virginia Reel.
Class Novel – we have been making a Fairy Book of commandments using secret codes based on our novel ‘Artemis Fowl’. The codes have been fun.
IDL – we made a timeline of events in Space Exploration. We found information on a website and had to put it in order and say what had happened.

By Scott, Nicole, Morgan & Ellie S.

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