P5b Learning Log 8/12/17

212F0612-6909-4E8A-BD36-12CFFCFB963F3FBE76C5-9F93-4B54-A1B9-F453AA7C82C0E39A9860-1D6A-402A-A8BA-08BA980D9F7468CCBB7E-5970-4DAD-9F80-31787F22983DF5766B73-7632-471F-8F26-6CDDD6CD40949738FC2A-45C9-4D47-B6D4-5D26FE9E2BB0AFFF535E-CF05-47DB-BE5A-FEB65E6DCD9AThis week we learned how to do the Canadian Barn Dance, which was fun.

In Numeracy some of us have been discussing the different strategies we could use for addition and subtraction. We made posters to explain a strategy.

In Maths we worked in groups to make a board game on our Maths Topic, which is Money. Through creating and playing our games, we developed the skills of co-operation and teamwork.

In Health and Wellbeing we have had a good discussion about what it is like to be stressed and how to feel better.

We wrote stories this week focusing on the beginning, middle and end. We have also been spending time this term on handwriting, practising our cursive joins.

In the Rugby festival we would have liked there to have been more than one other school involved so we could have played against teams from lots of different schools.

We think need to get better at listening and not talking when someone else is talking. We need to listen without distracting others.

Zayn, Amelia, Blair & Kyle


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