P6b Learning Log w.c.27.11.17

Brandon’s Learning Log



Maths – We learned about triangles:

isosceles – two sides are the same length

scalene – no sides are the same

equilteral – all sides are the same.

Music – We are practising our carol singing and getting better at our singing in general. Some of the songs are Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells.

Art – We were drwing our suns with weird designs and hot colours. We also made robins for the Christmas Fair – and they all sold out!

P.E. We practised some Scottish Country Dances for our party with the Leith Academy Sports Leaders. We learned the Canadian Barn Dance, the Virginia Reel and the Gay Gordons. We also had football training with the coaches from Hibs. We did warm ups, drills and mini games.

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