P1b Learning Log Wb: 4th December 2017

What is going well?

Sophie and Mia enjoy sitting on the carpet with the class to learn new sounds and number work.

Millie enjoys learning about new topics and likes learning all sorts of new things.

Millie also enjoys making new friends.

Cody likes playing games during P.E.

Stephen enjoys learning about numbers and learning new letters (sounds). He also makes some fantastic creations with the building blocks.

Jamie likes to play the ‘Bubbles – Count to 100’ game on the Smart Board.

Daniel still enjoys running the daily mile in the playground.

What could be better?

Stephen and Jamie say that we have to remember to keep being nice to each other.

Sophie says that saying, ‘Stop it!’ is a sensible way to respond if someone upsets you.  If you upset someone you should say, ‘Sorry!’ and maybe give that person a hug.

Felix doesn’t like it when people play football in the playground.  It takes up space and the ball sometimes hits someone.

Darcy, Emma and Lachlan would like to have a house play area in both of the P1 classrooms.

P5b Learning Log 8/12/17

212F0612-6909-4E8A-BD36-12CFFCFB963F3FBE76C5-9F93-4B54-A1B9-F453AA7C82C0E39A9860-1D6A-402A-A8BA-08BA980D9F7468CCBB7E-5970-4DAD-9F80-31787F22983DF5766B73-7632-471F-8F26-6CDDD6CD40949738FC2A-45C9-4D47-B6D4-5D26FE9E2BB0AFFF535E-CF05-47DB-BE5A-FEB65E6DCD9AThis week we learned how to do the Canadian Barn Dance, which was fun.

In Numeracy some of us have been discussing the different strategies we could use for addition and subtraction. We made posters to explain a strategy.

In Maths we worked in groups to make a board game on our Maths Topic, which is Money. Through creating and playing our games, we developed the skills of co-operation and teamwork.

In Health and Wellbeing we have had a good discussion about what it is like to be stressed and how to feel better.

We wrote stories this week focusing on the beginning, middle and end. We have also been spending time this term on handwriting, practising our cursive joins.

In the Rugby festival we would have liked there to have been more than one other school involved so we could have played against teams from lots of different schools.

We think need to get better at listening and not talking when someone else is talking. We need to listen without distracting others.

Zayn, Amelia, Blair & Kyle


P7b Learning Log – 8/12/17

This week we have learned how to play ‘Deck the Halls’ on the piano and the glockenspiels. We went into groups and some went onto the computers and some went onto instruments.

This week we have also learned how to do the famous rugby dance The Haka. We had lots of fun doing this in P.E and we got to make up our own little bit in groups as well.

We worked on some perspective art and based it on Holes. We used a vanishing point to make our pictures look 3D!

By Grace & Isaac.

P1a Learning Log 4.12.17

What is going well?

“We have been looking after the toys.” – Martin

“We have been learning our tricky words.” – Devyn

“We have been practising our writing.” – Teigan

“We have been learning about the Nativity story.” – Grace

“We learned some football skills with the coaches.” – Corbin

“We have been learning how to use the computers.” – Dominik

“We have been doing yoga to keep fit.” – Maya

“We have finished learning all of our sounds!” – Atharv

“We know the actions to our songs.” – Youcef

“We have been practising our Nativity.” – Inana

“Reading magazines in the house corner.” – Milo

What could be better?

“We need to look after the iPads because one got broken!” – Aiyet

“We could use more playdough.” – Charlotte

“More little trays of sand.” – Zosia

“Keep looking after the house corner.” – Darcy

“More writing in salt with a stick.” – Lacey

“Play more of the Hanging Monkeys game on the computers.” – Carmella

“I want to play the number game where the monkey walks across the bridge.” – Matylda

“Practise the monkey bars outside.” – Christopher

P2/1 Learning Log 8.12.17

What is going well?

Isla – Doing Christmas arts and crafts

Erika – When we took the vowels out our names was fun

Faye – Scottish dancing

Yasmin – making our nativity, singing the songs

 Carrie – the y sound

Jack – Magic e sounds with u

Paul – homework

Logan D – learning the letter y

Ellis – the magic e with u words

Alex – being the band for nativity


What could be better?

Logan R – learning magic e words

Sarah – Scottish dancing

Theo – tally marks could be better

Caiden – making more things

Tristan – doing more nativity shows

David – learning the y sound

This week we enjoyed eating our christmas dinner at school.

P6a Learning Log – 8th December 2017

This week in P6a we have been very busy. Here is a review of our week.

Maths – in our new shape work we were doing parallel and perpendicular line and it was challenging at first. By the end people knew what they were doing.
Big Writing – we were doing Christmas themed writing using paragraphs and we had a plan to follow. We made pictures to go with the stories because we are going to tell our stories to the Primary 1s.
Scottish Country Dancing – we did well as we have not had time for other practices so far. We were all sensible about holding hands and we did really well. We did the Gay Gordons, the Canadian Barn Dance and the Virginia Reel.
Class Novel – we have been making a Fairy Book of commandments using secret codes based on our novel ‘Artemis Fowl’. The codes have been fun.
IDL – we made a timeline of events in Space Exploration. We found information on a website and had to put it in order and say what had happened.

By Scott, Nicole, Morgan & Ellie S.

P3a Learning Log 7th Decemberp

This week in maths we learned how to count money and we had a shop and a worksheet. The shop was fun.

In P.E. we did a minibeast dance and we had to act like a spider.

We read a book and it told us how to spot a bear. Then we found out facts about black and brown bears.

This week in literacy we did a Read, Write, Count book called ‘Above and Below’. We had to put the animals in groups.

We were learning about the rainforest too. We made ‘Save the Rainforest’ posters.

I need to get better at comprehension and Cole needs to get better at listening and writing.

Tymi and Cole