P3a Learning Log 22nd December

On Monday this week we had our Christmas party. Here we are in our party clothes. We did four Scottish dances and played games.

On Tuesday we wrote Christmas stories and drew pictures to go with them. We read our stories to the class.

Amy is the P.E. star of the class for the dance block. Here she is with her trophy. Well done, Amy!

Learning Log 15.12.17

This week our class elf Kingy has been leaving us a maths challenge ‘Elf Challenge” every day. The children have enjoyed the chance to use their maths jotters to complete tricky number problems.

We also had a great time performing our Nativity and enjoyed the chance to show off our beautiful singing voices.

What is going well?

“I liked doing the elf challenge in my jotter” Ali

“I liked doing the Canadian Barn dance. My partner was Nicholas” Lenny

“I enjoyed learning about numbers. Counting in 2’s” Ibraheem

“I liked doing the Canadian Barn dance” Adrian

“I enjoyed the Canadian Barn dance” Hannah

“I liked the elf challenge in math’s” Seth


What could be better?

“I would like to work on the Canadian Barn dance” Harris

“I would like to get better at the Canadian Barn dance” Joe C

“ I would like to get better at math’s- taking away sums” Freya

“I want to get better at the Canadian Barn dance” Brandon


Pupil Choice/Evaluation

*  We liked learning the Canadian Barn dance.

*  We liked the ‘Elf Challenge’.

! We want to improve our Canadian Barn dance.

Primary 1b Learning Log Wb:11.12.17

What is going well?

Orla and Latisha enjoyed learning how to make a gingerbread man.

Sonny liked being an angel in our Nativity.  Emma was so nervous, but she liked the running part.

Cody enjoyed being a singing angel, and most of the class loved performing in our Nativity.

Sophie likes practising our sounds in class.

Mia, Daniel, Felix, Cody, Abbie, Darcy, Lachlan, Emma, Millie, Sophie and Lexi like doing the worksheets with tricky sounds that look like each other.

What could be better?

Millie thinks it would be fun to play with slime.

Leon enjoys eating his packed lunch with friends at school.

Oliwia really likes playing in the role-play area.

Felix would like cake or sweeties with school dinners.

Cody and Leo would like to have a big slide in the playground.



P6a Learning Log – 15th December 2017

This week in P6a we have been very busy. Here’s what we have been up to.

Christmas Party – it was very good and we liked doing the games – Pass the Parcel, Musical Arms and Christmas Corners. Everyone was good at the social dancing. We danced the Gay Gordons, the Virginia Reel and the Canadian Barn Dance. People had cool clothes on.
Christmas Stories – this week we finished writing our Christmas stories and read them to Primary 1 children. We made Christmas pictures with them and they were very good at drawing and they really enjoyed the stories.
2d Shape – this went really well as everyone is starting to really understand it. We made 2d irregular and regular pentagons and hexagons using art straws. When we finished our jotter work we got to use 2d shapes to make a Christmas cards as a follow up activity. We have been looking at different types of triangles and their properties – isosceles, scalene, right angled and equilateral. We are ready for more of a challenge with these!
Christmas adverts – we watched the John Lewis advert about Moz the Monster and then we had to design our own monsters for an advert and describe them.

by Taba, Arnold & Alasdair.

P3b Learning Log 11.12.17-15.12.17

What is going well?

I learned a new Scottish country dance in p.e –Oskar

I liked adding coins together in maths. –Karly

I learned how to do the Canadian Barn Dance in p.e.  –Josie

In topic we learned about tribes and I drew a Huli wig.  –Bailey G

I liked doing the pirate dance in p.e. -Severijus



What could be better?

I want to do more pirate dancing in p.e, it was fun. –Chloe

I would like to add bigger coins together in maths. –Laila

I would like to practice vowels in literacy, sometimes I forget what they are. –Bailey B

In literacy I would like to learn about words that end in tion. –Maurice

I would like to learn more about the people who live in the rainforest.   -Weronika


P1a Learning Log 11.12.17

What is going well?

“I liked colouring in the letters in our names.” – Inana

“I liked learning the story of The Gingerbread Man.” – Carmella

“I liked performing our Nativity. It went really well!” – Devyn

“I liked learning new words.” – Milo

“We have finished all our sounds.” – Christopher

“I liked saying my part in the show.” – Aiyet

“I liked playing the shopkeeper game in gym.” – Corbin

“I liked the sweet shop game too!” – Martin

“I enjoyed catching people in gym!” – Teigan

“I liked fixing the clock in the house corner.” – Darcy

“I like doing our Advent Calendar. Every day we get a class treat!” – Maya

“We made posters about washing our hands so we don’t spread germs.” – Charlotte

What could be better?

“It would be fun to decorate our own gingerbread men next week.” – Lacey

“We could play with the iPads more and look after them.” – Dominik

“I would like to play with more play dough.” – Grace

“I would like to learn a new iPad game.” – Krystian

“We could make our own play dough!” – Sophia

“Play with new Lego.” – Youcef

“Make Christmas puppets for the puppet show.” – Tia

“Play some Christmas games.” – Finlay

“I want to play some more Gingerbread Man games.” – Matylda

P6b Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

Anushka’s Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

This week I learned how to do planet research. Alice and I really tried our best to find out more about Haumea and we learned a lot, like when it was discovered and what it is made of.

I enhoyed Christmas carol singing in Lochend Hub. I really enjoyed it because the adults were singing with us. It was really exciting how they got to sing too. We had a challenge to see who would win, the adults or the children. The children won by 2 votes to 1!

I could get better at Maths as it was hard to remember all the points of the compass.

We went carol singing at Lochend Hub. The people there said that we were great. The adults looked like they were enjoying singing as much as we were. We used bell shakers and Mr. Craighead played his guitar. We all had fun!


We had our Christmas Party on Thursday. We played games, had a snack and did three Scottish Country Dances!






P6b Learning Log w.c. 4.12.17

We were doing a commercial dance with Mrs. McLaughlin. We had to work in group to make up our own dance moves.

Liam’s Learning Log

Maths – I was counting in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s and I worked on a whiteboard.

Christmas Fair – I had so much fun! As next year is my last fair, I enjoyed it so much.

Wonder — We finished Wonder on Monday and it was amazing! I loved it SO much!

P1b Learning Log Wb: 4th December 2017

What is going well?

Sophie and Mia enjoy sitting on the carpet with the class to learn new sounds and number work.

Millie enjoys learning about new topics and likes learning all sorts of new things.

Millie also enjoys making new friends.

Cody likes playing games during P.E.

Stephen enjoys learning about numbers and learning new letters (sounds). He also makes some fantastic creations with the building blocks.

Jamie likes to play the ‘Bubbles – Count to 100’ game on the Smart Board.

Daniel still enjoys running the daily mile in the playground.

What could be better?

Stephen and Jamie say that we have to remember to keep being nice to each other.

Sophie says that saying, ‘Stop it!’ is a sensible way to respond if someone upsets you.  If you upset someone you should say, ‘Sorry!’ and maybe give that person a hug.

Felix doesn’t like it when people play football in the playground.  It takes up space and the ball sometimes hits someone.

Darcy, Emma and Lachlan would like to have a house play area in both of the P1 classrooms.

P5b Learning Log 8/12/17

212F0612-6909-4E8A-BD36-12CFFCFB963F3FBE76C5-9F93-4B54-A1B9-F453AA7C82C0E39A9860-1D6A-402A-A8BA-08BA980D9F7468CCBB7E-5970-4DAD-9F80-31787F22983DF5766B73-7632-471F-8F26-6CDDD6CD40949738FC2A-45C9-4D47-B6D4-5D26FE9E2BB0AFFF535E-CF05-47DB-BE5A-FEB65E6DCD9AThis week we learned how to do the Canadian Barn Dance, which was fun.

In Numeracy some of us have been discussing the different strategies we could use for addition and subtraction. We made posters to explain a strategy.

In Maths we worked in groups to make a board game on our Maths Topic, which is Money. Through creating and playing our games, we developed the skills of co-operation and teamwork.

In Health and Wellbeing we have had a good discussion about what it is like to be stressed and how to feel better.

We wrote stories this week focusing on the beginning, middle and end. We have also been spending time this term on handwriting, practising our cursive joins.

In the Rugby festival we would have liked there to have been more than one other school involved so we could have played against teams from lots of different schools.

We think need to get better at listening and not talking when someone else is talking. We need to listen without distracting others.

Zayn, Amelia, Blair & Kyle