P6a Learning Log – 24th November 2017

What is going well in P6a?

PE Dance – doing the haka. The haka is meant to intimidate. It’s about power and control. It has helped New Zealand to become a great rugby team. Mrs McLaughlin showed us a mini haka and we performed it to music.
Maths – Squares enjoyed doing the halving and doubling of large numbers using partitioning.
Circles worked very well on multiplication using different strategies.
Triangles also worked on multiplication this week, including on the ipads.
This week for angle we had to draw angles of given sizes.
Art – we have been busy making magnets to sell at the Christmas Fair. We hope to sell them for a profit. The classroom is already becoming glittery and it’s still November!
PE – football with Hibs coaches went well. The girls and boys went separately.

by Cameron, Ellie C. and Sam

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