P3a Learning Log 23rd November 

This week in P.E. we did dancing. We learnt a Scottish dance and a Mexican hat dance. We enjoyed the dancing.

This week we did football with Shaun and we dribbled around cones. We did well.

This week in maths we learnt to describe the properties of 3D shapes and it was really fun. We went outside to look for 3D shapes in the playground.

In literacy we learnt to take away Y and add ied. 

It’s Mr Thompson’s last day. We will miss him, so we made a card for him. 

In music the Junior choir sang a nice song to us. 

Our topic is the Rainforest and we found out that a sloth has insects living on it. 

We need to get better at listening and concentrating.

Charlie and Erskine. 

Mr Thompson with P3a on his last day



We worked hard and had to listen well to complete our rainforest posters.

Developing research skills

We created our own moves for the Mexican dance.

The Mexican Hat Dance

Charlie and Erskine

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