P6a Learning Log – 17 November 2017

What is going well in P6a?
Cinema – Goosebumps was a good movie. It was a treat to go with school to the cinema. We are writing a movie review for the film.

Art – it was good art about our topic. We have made Mexican folk art, the sun and the moon using dark and light colours and line.

Outdoor learning – we drew and measured our own angles in the playground using large protractors.

Maths –  Squares were doing large addition, using th,h,t,u and exchange.
–  Circles were doing multiplication and arrays.
– Triangles were using their knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract much larger numbers.

PE – football offered different levels of challenge as some of us play regularly and for teams and some of us are new to football. Despite this we were able to play in mixed ability teams and support each other and show good sportsmanship. Miss Binnie was very pleased with us.

by Aiden, Bailey and Trinity.

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