P1a Learning Log 13.11.17

What is going well?

“I like doing yoga and copying the moves.” – Teigan

“I liked learning about Little Red Riding Hood. Her mum baked a cake.” – Corbin

“I like Daily Mile because I like running.” – Devyn

“I liked making our Library cards because we had to draw ourselves.” – Inana

“I like choosing at Golden Time.” – Maya

“I liked going to the library.” – Grace

“I liked doing the story maps of Little Red Riding Hood.” – Finlay

“I liked sticking the healthy foods on the lunchbox. Apples and bananas are healthy.” – Aiyet

“Writing and colouring.” – Youcef

“I like playing outside.” – Martin

What could be better?

“We could do more writing in the sand.” – Indae

“Keep practising our new sounds.” – Charlotte

“We have made our library cards so we can borrow books now.” – Atharv

“I want to get new stuff for the house corner.” – Lacey

“We could get new games on the ipads.” – Carmella

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