P3a Learning Log 16th November 

This week in art we made colourful rainforest snakes:.

This week in social studies we learnt rainforest layers and what each one is like. We drew one.

This week in PE we learnt a Scottish danc called the Virginia Reel.

This week in maths we learnt about the properties of 3D shapes. We Worked with shapes to see if they could stack, roll and slide.

 In literacy we learnt about past tense verbs ending in -ed.

Courtney needs to get better at spelling and Zoe needs to get better at mental maths.

Courtney and Zoe

Snakes in the making

Mohab was P.E. star for our Fitness block.

More snakes

Zoe and Courtney

Our finished snakes

Robyn’s maths starter

Do you like our rainforest display?

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