P3b Learning Log 30.10.17-03.11.17


What is going well?

I have learned about the rainforest floor. –Bailey G

I have learned about how tall the trees can grow in the rainforest. The highest layer is the emergent layer. –Oskar

I have learned about 2D shapes, we made 2D shape pictures. –Brandyn

We have been learning about the sound ed this week. We use it at the end of past tense verbs. –Karly

I have learned about some of the animals that live in the rainforest. I know that chameleons live in the rainforest.  -Laila


What could be better?

To learn about 3D shapes in maths. –Louise

To make a rainforest model with lots of trees and animlas. –Karly

I would like to make rainforest animals with lego. –Casey

I would like to learn about where different animals live in the ranforest.  –Bailey B

I would like to get better at learning the names of some harder 2D shapes-shapes with more than 4 sides. -Eva

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