P6a Learning Log – 27th October 2017

Our week in P6a

IDL – our Natural Disasters topic went well. I liked when we made the posters and the volcanoes that erupted. Learning what went in the volcanoes was interesting.
Our new topic is space. We were learning mnemonics to memorize the planets and their order.
Maths – angles. When I figured out how to use the protractor it became easier. We are going to do more work on angles and using the protractor correctly will help us.
We refreshed our memories on the different types of angles – obtuse, acute, right angle and reflex.
Novel – we finished the novel ‘Wonder’ and it was very good. It was sad, happy and very emotional at times. Our new novel is called Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. We’ve just started but already have a lot of questions about it. It is very different from Wonder. We are working on making our own 3D book covers of our personal favourite novels.

Our highlights this week were the Halloween Disco and PE.

We would like to do some writing soon where we choose our own themes and ideas.

Ellie S./Morgan/Nicole

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