p3b Learning Log 23.10.17-27.10.17

What is going well?

I liked planning our rainforest topic. –Maya

I learned that putting ed at the end of words makes them past tense.–Daisy

This week about some of the animals that live in the rainforest. –Severijus

I learned about 2D shapes in maths. –Josie

This week I learned how to do more letters in cursive writing. -Chloe


What could be better? 

Next week I would like to get better at adding ed to the end of words because sometimes I get confused. –Christopher

I would like to make a rainforest puppet show.  –Sadie

I would like to do more throwing and catching in p.e. –Polly

Next week I would like to learn about the different places in the rainforest. –Elza

I would like to learn more about the rainforest. I want to know if people live in the rainforest. -Eloisa


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