P1b Learning Log WB: 19.10.17

What is going well in P1b?

Orla liked drawing ‘People Who Help Us’ as part of our topic activities.

Oliwia likes learning about numbers.

Abbie says that she likes learning sounds – “e is for elephant!”

What could be better?

Niamh said that she would like to take our pet dog Minty home.  Luckily for Niamh, she was chosen as the star pupil this week and got her wish.  Well done!

Sonny said he wishes that we had a swimming pool, as he is a good swimmer.

What did we enjoy most?

Felix enjoys numeracy and likes playing games with dice. He really enjoyed being in the police van.

Lexi enjoyed the visit from the SSPCA and said,”We learned how to help animals if they are hurt or lost.”

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