P1b Learning Log – WB: 23.10.17

What is going well?

Lachlan likes learning new sounds by practising on the iPads.

Sophie likes learning new sounds and says that ‘h’ is for hedgehog!

Cody, Alan and Leon enjoyed their trip to Lochend Park, especially when they got to feed the ducks.

Stephen is looking forward to the superheroes disco on Hallowe’en

Daniel really enjoyed the drama ‘taster’ lesson – ‘We got to be giants, witches and elves.’

What could be better?

Orla and Stephen would like more displays in the classroom that show what sounds and number work we have been learning.

Mia wants to learn more sounds.

Emma and Orla want the role-play area to be a puppet show for ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

Cody would like to play on the swings and other ‘toys’ in Lochend Park.

P1a Learning Log 23.10.17

What is going well?

“I enjoyed going on a trip to Lochend Park.” – Dominik

“We got to feed seeds to the ducks.” – Teigan

“We had to search for two different leaves!” – Zosia

“Leaves change colour in Autumn – orange, yellow and red.” – Grace

“We learned to wash our hands when they are dirty.” – Sophia

“I liked playing the cups and saucers game in gym.” – Devyn

“I liked doing patterns on the iPads.” – Milo

“I liked using the stampers on the paper.” – Charlotte

“I liked playing Octopus Tig.” – Aiyet

“I learned how to play a new game on the iPad.” – Lacey

“I like playing in the house corner.” – Christopher

“I like playing the colour pattern game on the computer.” – Darcy

What could be better?

“I want to learn a new game in gym.” – Martin

“Play with more toys in the sand.” – Finlay

“Start our new topic which is Hansel and Gretel.” – Carmella

“Learn a new computer game.” – Tia

“More time on the iPads.” – Maya

“Look after the house corner.” – Krystian

“I want to play more in the house corner.” – Indae

“We can learn about healthy foods.” – Corbin

“Keeping the iPads clean.” – Atharv

“Use the stampers again next week.” – Matylda

p3b Learning Log 23.10.17-27.10.17

What is going well?

I liked planning our rainforest topic. –Maya

I learned that putting ed at the end of words makes them past tense.–Daisy

This week about some of the animals that live in the rainforest. –Severijus

I learned about 2D shapes in maths. –Josie

This week I learned how to do more letters in cursive writing. -Chloe


What could be better? 

Next week I would like to get better at adding ed to the end of words because sometimes I get confused. –Christopher

I would like to make a rainforest puppet show.  –Sadie

I would like to do more throwing and catching in p.e. –Polly

Next week I would like to learn about the different places in the rainforest. –Elza

I would like to learn more about the rainforest. I want to know if people live in the rainforest. -Eloisa


P6a Learning Log – 27th October 2017

Our week in P6a

IDL – our Natural Disasters topic went well. I liked when we made the posters and the volcanoes that erupted. Learning what went in the volcanoes was interesting.
Our new topic is space. We were learning mnemonics to memorize the planets and their order.
Maths – angles. When I figured out how to use the protractor it became easier. We are going to do more work on angles and using the protractor correctly will help us.
We refreshed our memories on the different types of angles – obtuse, acute, right angle and reflex.
Novel – we finished the novel ‘Wonder’ and it was very good. It was sad, happy and very emotional at times. Our new novel is called Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. We’ve just started but already have a lot of questions about it. It is very different from Wonder. We are working on making our own 3D book covers of our personal favourite novels.

Our highlights this week were the Halloween Disco and PE.

We would like to do some writing soon where we choose our own themes and ideas.

Ellie S./Morgan/Nicole

P3a Learning Log 26th October 

This week in maths we were learning about 2D shapes and we went outside to find shapes in the playground.

In topic we started the rainforest and we watched a video. We learnt that it covers 7% of the earth.

In music were playing with the instruments and drums. It was fun.

I need to get better at spelling and Kendyll needs to get better at writing 

Rory and Kendyll

Keeping in time.
Oh, this is fun!

Rory and Kendyll
Literacy at work
Outdoor learning: looking for shapes in the playground.

P7b Learning Log – 13/10/17

LI- to evaluate my learning and set a target

I enjoyed drama and we were pretending the person in the middle was stanley, the warden or zero and asking them question the SSPCA came in to talk about animals. In the gym hall we were practising our scottish opera play and we had three groups the tavern crew, witches crew and the storm crew. In maths we are learning how to use rounding to make sums easier. We drew still life drawings in art.
Lewis’s target-to be more focused on my work. 

Alba-to read everything I need to in time.