P1a Learning Log 9.10.17

What is going well?

“Drawing pictures of Autumn things like scarecrows.” – Corbin

“Playing Hairy Letters on the ipads.” – Grace

“I like writing in the sand.” – Aiyet

“I like drawing pictures for my mum.” – Carmella

“I like the robot game on the computer.” – Milo

“I liked making a French flag.” – Atharv

“We used blue, white and red pens then taped on straws.” – Darcy

“I like playing mums and dads in the house corner.” – Indae

“I like finding letters in the sand.” – Finlay

“We made police hats, firefighter helmets and mountain rescue helmets with paper plates.” – Inana

“I like playing the monkey game on the ipads at Golden Time.” – Dominik

“Making cakes in the house corner.” – Tia

What could be better?

“Not putting sand on the floor.” – Krystian

“It would be better if we had new toys.” – Lacey

“The home corner would be better if we had a mirror.” – Martin

“More toys in the sand.” – Charlotte

“We could draw Halloween pictures.” – Christopher

“We could do a new topic.” – Teigan

“Keep tidying up.” – Zosia

P3b Learning Log 09.10.17-13.10.17

What is going well?

I enjoyed learning about left and right in maths –Weronika

I learned to write a diary entry, I had to pretend to be a passenger on the Titanic –Julia

This week I made a model of the Titanic and painted it. –Maurice

I liked learning about direction in maths. –Casey

I liked learning new tricky words in literacy. -Louise


What could be better?

I would like to do more story writing. –Luci

I would like to get better at symmetry.  –Bailey B

I want to do more work about adjectives. –Victor

I want to find out what our new topic is and write about our new topic. –Laila

I want to learn more tricky words.-Eva

P3a Learning Log 13th October 

This week in maths we learnt about left and right. We also did directions in the playground. It was fun. In class on Thursday we played Grid Zoo to learn about  Grid references.

In writing we wrote a diary and we pretended to be a pasenger on the Titanic. We wrote about the beautiful bedrooms.

In topic we made some models of the Titanic with our partner.

We need to get better at spelling.

Nina and Georgia

Georgia with the Titanic model she made for homework.
Nina and Georgia
‘On the Titanic’ writing our diaries.
Have I got enough glue?
Technology at work.
Making models of the Titanic

P1b Learning Log WB: 02.10.17

What is going well in P1b?

Cody enjoys Golden Time – he is learning to colour in neatly.

Sonny also enjoys Golden Time and playing with his friends.

Felix says that the class is getting better at tidying-up.  Well done!

Millie enjoys literacy and word-building.

Leo likes literacy as he likes learning new sounds (letters).

Lachlan enjoyed reading his first reading book from school.

Everyone in P1b is still enjoying school.

What do we think could be better?

Sophie says that the climbing frame in the playground gets too busy, so it would be better if everyone lined-up to have a turn.

P1b Learning Log WB: 25.9.17

What is going well in p1b?

Felix: I enjoy being with all of my friends.

Darcy: I want to learn to write more letters (sounds).

Orla: I like our topic ‘People Who Help Us’ – My buddy Megan helped me when I fell in the playground.

Daniel: I enjoy the daily mile because it gives you more energy.

Jamie: I like playing maths games at the Smart Board.

What do we think could be better?

Lachlan would like to do more writing.

Archie says that everything is OK.

Millie would like it if we had an iPad for everyone at Golden Time.

P1a Learning Log 2.10.17

What is going well?

“Designing robots on the computers.” – Dominik

“We were learning about Autumn. We painted Autumn leaves with our fingers.” – Grace

“Colouring by number for people who help us.” – Charlotte

“Drawing Autumn pictures.” – Inana

“Spelling words like ‘at’.” – Finlay

“I like playing outside with my friends.” – Aiyet

“Jumping on the spots in gym.” – Milo

“My favourite thing in gym was running in between the cones.” – Atharv

“I liked hula hooping.” – Christopher

“I liked going to assembly because we got to listen to a song.” – Maya

“I like playing the pattern game on the computers.” – Carmella

What could be better?

“I would like to do more drawing next week.” – Martin

“Everyone should tidy up.” – Zosia

“I’d like to play schools!” – Devyn

“No hitting anyone.” – Krystian

“I want to make more patterns in the sand.” – Tia

“Practise drawing and writing more.” – Sophia

“More time on the computers.” – Matylda

“Go outside more.” – Corbin