P6a Learning Log, 29th September 2017

Blog by Kieran, Ellie C., Sam and Cameron

This week in P6a we have been very busy.

PE – we started fitness this week. We were jumping onto the blocks at one of the stations. It was more of a challenge to do it without using your hands. We got quite sweaty because we were working so hard. The amount of stamina people have built up is pretty impressive.
Maths – people have been focused and taking their work seriously. Multiplying and dividing by a 100 and a 1000 has been a challenge and the rocket challenges are good. Continuing with money and making Tesco receipts has been really fun.
Reading – getting a new reading book has been good and we can’t wait to read them. Our class novel Wonder is a really good book. It’s annoying when we finish on a cliffhanger!
IDL – learning about earthquakes was good. We carried out an earthquake drill and had to go under the tables. We found it fun to do but in other parts of the world this is their daily life and drills are important.

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