P6a Learning Log 22nd September 2017

We have been busy in Primary 6a this week.

Maths – we were learning how negative numbers worked. We had to work with temperatures and lift floors to solve problems with negative numbers. We had to order negative numbers. (Aiden)
We were really good at using the empty numberline to add and subtract. Everyone passed their assessment well. (Bailey)

In topic maths we continued with money. We were planning our meals using menus and websites. We then made receipts to show our shopping, including working out the totals and change.
Art – we designed Christmas cards. We all did different designs and we all finished them to a high standard. People used chalks, felt pens, collage and pencils.
Reading – we used Bloom’s questions that we made last week to explore our reading books. Tasks included drawing and labelling things from the stories, describing parts and characters, finding information and predicting.

We are feeling sad that our friend and classmate Ekhlass is leaving us but we wish her well at her new school.

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