P6b Learning Log w.c. 11.9.17

Jessica’s Learning Log.


This week in Maths we did money games and multiplying by multiples of 10. In Money we had a café menu and we had £10 or £15 to buy a meal for 4 people.

Some children also learned about negative numbers and how they are used in real life, like in a lift and in a weather forecast.

We have been busy researching our ‘Natural Disasters’ topics, working hard in small groups to gather information to present at our Class Assembly on 29th September.

In Drama we did miming and hot seating. We went into groups and had to act out a dilemma, which the others had to try and guess. I thought my group was amazing!

This week, in P.E., we did badminton skills. We had 3 groups. One of the groups were playing badminton with a partner and then changing partners. We only had 10 seconds to play and then we had to change partners. I thought I was good at badminton.

For Art, we used a lot of different materials and a range of techniques to make elephant images. We had to try to show contrast in our pictures and could really use our imaginations to make our pictures stand out. We were very proud of the finished results.

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