P6a Learning Log – 1st September 2017

Art – I was happy with my work on the Major Tom astronaut art. I was proud of how it turned out with my shading skills and drawing skills. (Ellie Sc)
Maths – using the arrays and counting in different jumps was good this week. I was successful. (Nicole)
Big Writing – I wrote 4 pages on my Major Tom story. I used good vocabulary and I made sure that it made sense. (Scott)
Badminton – we have doing well with rallies and playing a doubles team helped as if you couldn’t get the shuttlecock your partner could. (Morgan)
Wonder – we made positive posters where we all wrote positives comments about everyone in our class. It made everyone feel happy. (Nicole)

2 Stars

PE – Badminton & Art


To engage in discussions with Miss Binnie


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