P4B Learning Log 1.9.17

Welcome to P4B! We have started the term with a book study and are enjoying reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. We have many exciting activities planned involving creating and inventing…

This week we have started learning to build a character description using powerful adjectives and similes. We are stealing good ideas from Roald Dahl and are on the look out for more ideas from other books we read, both in class and at home. Children are creating a bank of words on a display and we will continue adding to these.

To wake our maths brains in the morning we are starting each day with ‘Today’s Number’ challenges. The children decided upon Maths targets: to learn times tables, to become quicker at mental maths and practise adding.

In health and wellbeing we have really enjoyed rugby lessons and gym with Mrs McLaughlin. We also are doing the Daily Mile each afternoon. Later in the term we will begin swimming lessons.

Learning Log

What have you enjoyed this week?

  • Playing beat the ball in rugby and learning how to pass the ball
  • Getting to read my favourite book in ERIC time when the whole class is silent
  • The Daily Mile because you can imagine you are in a racing car!
  • Throwing in gym and making up routines at the imagination station

What would you like to learn next?

  • How vehicles work (…could we relate this to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?)
  • How to make a sweetie like bubblegum? (…let’s start with a recipe perhaps?)
  • Try my best on my target – to learn my x tables)

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