P6a Learning Log, 29th September 2017

Blog by Kieran, Ellie C., Sam and Cameron

This week in P6a we have been very busy.

PE – we started fitness this week. We were jumping onto the blocks at one of the stations. It was more of a challenge to do it without using your hands. We got quite sweaty because we were working so hard. The amount of stamina people have built up is pretty impressive.
Maths – people have been focused and taking their work seriously. Multiplying and dividing by a 100 and a 1000 has been a challenge and the rocket challenges are good. Continuing with money and making Tesco receipts has been really fun.
Reading – getting a new reading book has been good and we can’t wait to read them. Our class novel Wonder is a really good book. It’s annoying when we finish on a cliffhanger!
IDL – learning about earthquakes was good. We carried out an earthquake drill and had to go under the tables. We found it fun to do but in other parts of the world this is their daily life and drills are important.

P3b Learning Log 25.09.17-29.09.17

What is going well?

I learned about odd and even numbers this week. –Julia

I made a Christmas card using a cotton bud to make dots. –Polly

I have learned about adjectives in literacy. –Brandyn

I have learned about symmetry and we drew symmetrical pictures with chalk–Victor

I learned about using adjectives to describe a character. -Severijus


What could be better?

I would like to learn more tricky words. –Bailey G

Next week I would like to do make another Christmas card-I would like to make a snow dog.  –Elza

Next week I would like to learn about how the Titanic was built. –Maya

I would like to do more symmetry next week. –Daisy

Next would I like to learn more about odd and even numbers. -Weronika

P3a Learning Log 29th September 

This week in topic we’ve been writing facts about the Titanic. The captain was called Edward Smith.

In maths we have started learning about symmetry. We used chalk outside for symmetrical pictures. It was fun and we did well.

In  literacy we have been doing a new block, block eight. We are learning to drop the e and add -ing.

In art we have been making snowman Christmas cards with cottonbuds.

We need to get better at counting in threes and fours.

Florence and Amy

Florence and Amy working on their Titanic facts

Maths games

Robyn made this model at home.

Hard at work in P.E.

Do you like our Christmas card designs?

P3a Learning Log 22nd September 

This week in maths we’ve been counting forward and back in 3s and 5s. We’ve also been adding and subtracting 10. The squares group have been adding two 2 digit numbers. We need to remember our number bonds to 10 and 20.

In literacy we’ve had reading assessments and we’re learning to use more adjectives to make our sentences more interesting.

In science we’re learning about magnets and the materials which are magnetic and non-magnetic.

We really like learning about the Titanic. This week we’ve been looking at the differences between the first class and third class cabins. First class cabins were very posh and had chandeliers.

Making colour patterns in maths

‘Picture It’ with Bogis, Bunce and Bean.

Parsnips from the P3 garden

Homework presentations

Homework presentations

Learning to play the guitar in music

Learning Log – Ella & Cole P7b

This week we learned how to use Powerpoint. We used our imagination to create a powerpoint based on our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We give it a 5/5.

This we learned about new kinds of shapes. We found it a bit difficult because we did not understand some of the words like ‘arrowhead’.

This week we enjoyed art, we made Christmas cards. Ella’s one had ‘nollaig Chirdheil’, that’s Merry Christmas is Gaelic. Cole’s one had snowmen on it. We give it 1000000/5.

Our targets are to try not to get distracted in class and to always try our best!

By Ella & Cole

P6a Learning Log, 15th September 2017

What is going well in P6a?

Art – making the indian elephant rugs. Everybody made intricate patterns using line and colour. (Maisie)

RME – it was fun to find out different things we’ve not learnt before and it was fun to find out about the Five Pillars of Islam. (Paige)

Adverbs – I liked teaming up with my partner as we were both finding out different things and changing the adverbs and verbs in sentences. (Mia) We watched a powerpoint on the smartboard and had to complete different questions from it with our partners. (Paige)

Maths – subtracting numbers was good. We used number lines and drew our own number lines. (Claire) When we learning about money and budgets we made our own menus with a partner and we planned a meal. We had to find out the prices of the ingredients on the Tesco website and then total the costs and see what changes we had. We had £10 to feed 4 people. (Paige/Mia) My group had a menu card for a cafe and we had to add up what we would order for £5. Then we had £10 to order food for a friend as well, for 2 people. (Maisie)

Natural Disasters – it was good to work with different people. It was fun to do research and taking note to find out new things. Claire was good at finding facts and reading them out from her book. (Claire)

Learning Log 22.9.17

We have enjoyed making 3D packaging, making Christmas cards and doing harder sums!

We would like to get faster at the Daily Mile and improve our writing.

(Darin, Kyle and Mya)

We have also done optical illusion artwork. Have a look…

P6a Learning Log 22nd September 2017

We have been busy in Primary 6a this week.

Maths – we were learning how negative numbers worked. We had to work with temperatures and lift floors to solve problems with negative numbers. We had to order negative numbers. (Aiden)
We were really good at using the empty numberline to add and subtract. Everyone passed their assessment well. (Bailey)

In topic maths we continued with money. We were planning our meals using menus and websites. We then made receipts to show our shopping, including working out the totals and change.
Art – we designed Christmas cards. We all did different designs and we all finished them to a high standard. People used chalks, felt pens, collage and pencils.
Reading – we used Bloom’s questions that we made last week to explore our reading books. Tasks included drawing and labelling things from the stories, describing parts and characters, finding information and predicting.

We are feeling sad that our friend and classmate Ekhlass is leaving us but we wish her well at her new school.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 18.9.17

Caitlin’s learning log 



In music we learned a new song called Take Five. I thought that I was good at it because I kept in time with the beat.

I enjoyed our topic, (Natural Disasters), because my partners and I worked well and cooperated well. I think I was good at this because we didn’t argue about who was doing what.

This week in Daily Mile I think I have improved because I can go for way longer than last week, when I only kept going for five minutes.

I think I was good at making a Christmas card because I normally take 3 to 4 days to finish but this year I only took 2 hours.

I’m excited for our Assembly next week. I think I will be very good at speaking at the Assembly. We made banners and models for our group presentations for Assembly and we started to work out what we are going to say. We thought about how to describe each type of natural disaster, what interesting facts we had learned, and the effects of the disasters on buildings, landscape, people and animals. We also watched some Newsround clips to learn more about what’s happening in other parts of the world right now.

P3b Learning Log 18.09.17-22.09.17

What is going well?

I enjoyed making a collage of the Titanic –Eva

I have learned about odd and even numbers in maths–Oskar

I have been learning about adjectives and have been trying to use them in sentences –Eloisa

I liked making a collage of the Titanic and I liked learning the French alphabet –Polly

I liked learning the body parts in French-Christopher


What could be better?

I would like to learn more about morse code in topic –Maurice

In p.e I would like to get better at passing a ball over a net with a flat hand –Elza

I would like to get make a lego Titanic–Karly

I would like to do more French next week -Casey

Next week  I would like to get better at odd and even numbers -Luci