P6a Learning Log, 25th August 2017

In P6 we have been learning –
PE – people are getting better at serving and rallying in badminton. People are being more careful and more accurate with their shots.
Reading – our class novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio is really good. It is very detailed and you can picture the story and characters in your head. It is a bit of a sad book. We were able to write August’s diary by imagining we were him.
Handwriting – people are getting the join better than last year and are writing neatly.
Big Writing – Kung Fu punctuation refreshes your brain. We had to carry on a story about ‘The Beast’ and use VCOP in our writing.
Maths – we have been revising skills in multiplication and division. We were pleased do revise division. We also worked on missing addends and ENLs.

What could be better?
More time on art and more art work.

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

Pop Art – we made designs using Pop Art to display WOW words. We watched a video from the Tate.
PE – as above.

We would like challenges in maths this year.

by Cameron, Kieran, Ellie S. and Sam

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