P3a Learning Log 12th to 16th June

This week we liked doing the voting. Each candidate did a little speech about what they want to do. Here are our some of our slogans. Vote Ruri to make the school a better place. Vote Alexei for a fairer world.

This week we had our sports day primary 1-3. Alexei took part in the hurdles race and came 4th and Ruri took part in the sprint race and came 2nd. It was really fun!

This week we met our P4 teacher called Miss Milne. She was really fun and kind and we got to do dazzle patterns for the first letter of our name. It was really fun!

To improve, Alexei needs to use more punctuation and Ruri needs to get better at problem solving.

Alexei and Ruri

Ruri and Alexei

Fair trade Committee candidates
Health committee hopefuls
Pupil Council candidates
Eco committee hopefuls
Ballot papers at the ready
Adding 2 digit numbers
In our sports houses, ready for action!

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