Learning log p6b 12.6.17

Declan and Carly 
Thursday 15th June 

            Learning log

L:I- to evaluate my learning and set a target. 

We enjoyed p.e this week because we got to do fielding and it was different we found it fun .

We enjoyed meeting are new teacher Mrs little we have had her before and we are happy to have her again we think she’s a good teacher just like Mrs bishop . 

Carly- maths-I liked to work with a budget in maths . 

Declan-maths-I think I have been good with money in maths this week i thought it was really fun . 

We enjoyed circle time because we could relax and have a char with each other without anyone arguing or anything . 

We enjoyed doing the voting because it was private and we could vote for people and see who wins its quite exciting.

We thought spelling was good because we learnt new spelling rules and got a new sound . 

Music was really good as well because we done the register at the start and I liked to see why people were happy and stuff it was quite interesting . 

Carly-I think I was good at playing the recorder in music . 

Declan-I think I was quite good at money in maths because I’ve done it before quite a lot .

Carly-My target is to get better at handwriting . 

Declan-My target is to get better at playing the recorder in music because it’s my first time playing it .

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