P4a Learning Log – 9th June 2017

Art – making bumblebees was good because we all worked very hard on it and nearly everybody is finished. (Kritakshi/Mia)

Comprehension was going well as it was really fun. The story was about the Hare and the Tortoise. We answered questions then drew a picture. We joined our pictures up into one race track. (Miller)

PE – the whole class had a dance challenge with Mrs McLaughlin. The P7s came in to help us with our sports. We did throwing with bean bags, fast feet and bounce passes. (Charles)

IDL – we went on a Bug Hunt this week. On the hunt we found a lot of snails and ants. We found one bee and some woodlice. We had to write down what we found, where we found it, write down the features of it and do a little sketch. We kept a tally of how many we saw. (Maisie)

Our friend Kritakshi is leaving us this week. We are sad to see her go but wish her well in her new school. Goodbye Kritakshi!



School Committee Candidates

Our candidates have been busy writing their speeches and making posters for their campaigns.

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