P2a Learning Log 05.06.17-09.06.17

What is going well?

“ I have learnt to tap out syllables in a word. This helps me to read and write big words.” –Rory

“I was learning my number bonds to 20 in maths.” –Kaitlyn

“I liked writing my own story in literacy. I wrote a storey about a hens life cycle.”


“I was learning to subtract in maths.” –Amy

“I have been practising older sounds that I had forgotten to help me when I am word building.” -Florence


What could be better?

“If we could do more football with the Hibs coach again to learn more skills.”


“To go on another trip, like the zoo, to learn about animals.” –Erskine

“To learn tennis in p.e.” –Kendyll

“To learn more times tables.” –Amy

“To learn more division (sharing) sums.” –Kian

In maths this week we have been learning about fractions. We took part in a variety of activities throughout the lesson to help us find half of a whole shape. 

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