P1b Learning Log 5.6.17

What is going well?

“I liked doing maths because we counted in 2s.” – Erika

“I liked learning to count in 10s.” – Sophia

“I like practising for sports day in gym because I like being fit.” – Alex

“I like doing Learning Log because I get to hear what everyone else wants to do.” – Nicholas

“I like doing Literacy.” – Klaudia

“I liked counting up to 50!” – Theo

“I liked doing a bar chart of our favourite fruit. Strawberry got the most!” – Logan

“I liked writing my All About Me book.” – Jack

“The tasting thing was good. There was coffee and lemon.” – Kaede

“I liked smelling different cups. My favourite was coconut.” – Laukya

“I like playing Fuzz Bugs on the smart board.” – Humza

“I liked playing on the computer.” – Layla

“I like EPIC on the ipad.” – Tristan

Next week we hope sports day goes well, we want to play new games on the iPads and we want to keep practising our counting!

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