P3a Learning Log 5th to 9th June

This week in maths we were measuring things in the classroom. We were measuring our heights. It was fun. Annabel, Ella and Elise are the tallest in the class. I am 132cm and Celeste is 129cm.

We practised dancing for Leith Festival. It was fun and our dancing was wonderful! The teacher was proud of us.

We all made a poster and rosettes for voting for the committee reps.  We really enjoyed that. The rosettes looked colourful.

In P.E. we did some of the potted sports for sports day.

Nadia and Celeste

Do you like our rosettes for voting day?

Making manifesto posters

Nadia and Celeste

Lexi practises adding on an empty number line.

See what we can do!

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