Learning Log 8th-12th May 2017


Alice- Skills- multiplying decimal numbers and knowing my time tables in my head.

Ability- being able to multiply decimals by any times tables.

Next Steps- be able to multiply bigger decimals by bigger times tables.

Destiny- Skills- working with tenths and hundredths.

Ability- was able to correctly put numbers on the place value table. Was able to change hundredths to tenths.

Next Steps- be able to do more with decimals.



Hibs Alcohol Awareness

Alice- Skills- knowing about alcohol and the harm it can cause.

Ability- I know how much alcohol can harm you and how old you have to be to legally drink it.

Next Steps- to know about more facts about alcohol.






Skills- painting, drawing and colouring.

Ability- painting and drawing pictures of New York for our P7 show, Bugsy Malone.

Next Steps- be able to make props for our P7 show.




Bugsy Malone

Skills- making props and remembering the words of the script.

Ability- remembering my script and the words for the music.

Next Steps- able to remember everything for the day of the show. It will be hard

Alice and Destiny

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