Learning Log 29th-2nd June 2017


Olivia- In the history workshop we discussed who could vote years ago and now. Many people think women could not vote but what they didn’t know was that 10years before that women who were rich or owned their house could vote. You used to have to be 21 to vote but then they lowered it to 18 and yet again to 16.

MSP- We did a question and answer session with an MSP called Gordon Lindhurst. Before he was an MSP he worked in a court. He has been an MSP since April 2017. In his first speech he talked about his family. If he could get one law passed it would be to change work hours so that he could spend more time with his family.

Ruby- We went to the debating chamber and there were very tight rules. MSPs were debating roadworks and child/carer benefits. This was very interesting and it was cool how we got an extra insight into how the council deal with these problems.


We have started practising our samba drumming which we will use in our ‘Bugsy Malone’ show. Arwen’s dad and Beth have very kindly worked with us. We are loving it. We even managed to samba drum in the playground and attracted a very appreciative crowd.

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