Learning Log 23rd-26th May 2017


On Wednesday 24th May, Primary 7b visited The Hub to take part in an art workshop. It was called Soul Boxes. Two artists came in to our class last week and we looked at the photos we had brought in. We talked about our memories when we looked at these pictures. When we were in The Hub, we were given photocopies of our pictures so that we could cut them up and use craft materials on them. We made collaged pages which we put into our memory (soul) boxes.

Khadija- I think it was really fun. It was really nice being creative. I really liked my soul box.

Lavine- I thought making the soul box was really fun and it made me think about some of the things that were happening in the photos.

Ruby- I loved this trip and it was such a throwback to all those memories of fun times and sad. This definitely taught me to act more creative more often. My collaged skills have improved.

Joe- I think it was really good and the pictures brought back memories and they were sometimes sad and happy. I think it was a good opportunity.






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