P4a Learning Log – 2nd June 2017

What is going well?
Data handling – it helped me a lot with my maths. We were making Carroll Diagrams. We had to sort shapes which had 4 sides or not and were red or not. (Dominik)
I like going around the class and using tally marks to record what minibeasts everyone liked. We put the information onto a graph. (Marc)
I enjoyed doing speedy sums with Mrs Inverarity. They were quite hard sums. (Aiden)

Reading comprehension – I like that you get text books with a story in it and after the story it asks you questions about it. I like it because I like reading and when you are doing the questions you have to read it again to get the answer. (Danny)
I like The Grasshopper poem and answering questions and after I liked doing a big picture of a grasshopper with Danny and Ruben. We labelled it with facts. (Joey)

PE – practising for Sports Day. We need to know what the events are. (Maisie)

Music – we did a bit of the Star Wars theme. It was quite funny when Mr Craighead mixed the songs up. (Harry)

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