P2a Learning Log 29.05.17-02.06.17

What is going well?

“We learnt the French alphabet, it was quite hard but I know most of it now.”

– Martin

“I was learning my number bonds to 20.” –Florence

“We have been learning about animals in our topic.” –Ethar

“We were using adjectives to describe animals.” – Zoe

“We were learning to use the connectives ‘and’ and ‘but’ to join sentences together to make them longer .” –Nina


What could be better?

“To learn more about food chains.”–Krystian

“To learn some of the words we know in French in Spanish.” – Kian

“To get more games on the ipads for number bonds to 10 and 20.”-Kendyll

“To learn more alphabet games in French.” –Amy

“To count up to 100 in French, I can only count to 39 just now.” -Dan

This week in maths we made a class pictograph about eye colour. After, we created the graph we worked with a partner to make questions for others to answer about our graph. 

We have also been doing some imaginary writing this week. We have learnt a lot about animals over the last few weeks and used what what we know to create our own imaginary  animals. We used different parts of animals to create our creatures and wrote about where they live, what they eat and then gave a description of what our animal looked like. We really enjoyed this task and loved looking at each other’s animals. Here are some pictures of our writing

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