P1b Learning Log 29.5.17

What is going well?

“In maths we counted Lego and made a bar chart.” – Ellis

“I liked counting in 2s.” – Ibraheem

“We painted sunflowers using our fingers.” – Aidan

“I like playing on the computers to learn the ‘sh’ sound like ‘shop’.” – Layla

“I liked learning about Vincent van Gogh. He was born a long time ago.” – Erika

“He painted The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers and Starry Night.” – Sophia

“I like reading and going to the library.” – Kaede

“I liked doing the splat game in Literacy. We had ‘shoes’ and ‘ship’.” – Jaxx

“I liked painting sunflowers because Jaxx helped me!” – Kayla

“I like doing maths because we count to 100!” – Klaudia

Next week we would like to do more art, make more things for the role play area and build even more words in Literacy!

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