P2a Learning Log 22.05.17-26.05.17

What is going well?

“We used tally marks in maths to make a bar graph.” –Rory

“We learnt about the connective but and and in literacy.” –Krystian

“We learnt how to count to 29 in French.” –Tymi

“We learnt how to say the full date in French every day this week.” –Florence

“We made up our own animals in big writing and wrote facts about them.” –Amy


What could be better?

“To play more football games in in p.e.” –Kian

“To learn how to count up to 100 in French.” –Dan

“Some people need to be better at listening to instructions.”-Ethar

“To get more literacy games on the ipads.” –Kendyll

“To go on another trip to find out about more animals-deep sea world to find out about under the sea animals.” -Erskine

In topic this week we made paper chain food chains. It was really fun and we learnt about the food chain of woodland animals. 

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