P1b Learning Log 22.05.17

What is going well?

“I’ve been eating healthy foods at lunch time.” – Kaede

“We coloured in our faces to make art like Andy Warhol.” – Alex

“I liked using different colours to make a pattern.” – Ibraheem

“Writing words outside with chalk.” – Aidan

“I liked doing circle time outside. We said what we’re good at and I am good at going on my scooter!” – Erika

“I like doing Daily Mile because we get to run around.” – Layla

“I like the basketball game in maths.” – Humza

“We were practising counting up to 10.” – Joseph

“I liked art because I drew a picture of myself.” – PJ

“I like doing numbers and ABC.” – Zilan

“I like Literacy because I work with Miss Brown and can choose lots of things.” – Ellis

“I like reading our reading books.” – Laukya

Next week we would like to do more outdoor learning if the weather is nice!

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