P2a Learning Log 15.05.17-19.05.17

What is going well?

“I liked learning about food chains. I know that the arrow shows is eaten by.” -Tymi

“I liked doing cosmic yoga.” –Kaitlyn

“I enjoyed learning our new tricky words, they are your, called and sentence.”


“I learned about a frog life cycle and like looking at the tadpoles in the class.” –Rory

“I was learning to use the connectives and and but in my sentences.” -Robyn


What could be better?

“I would like to do more loose parts play.” –Florence

I want to do the daily mile everyday since we didn’t do it every day this week.” 

– Krystian

“I would like to do more team races in p.e.” –Erskine

“More people need to listen to and follow instructions straight away.” –Ayla

“To learn more new tricky words.” -Georgia. 

This week in literacy we have been working on sentence writing and reordering mixed up sentences. Here are a few examples.

We also learnt about place value in maths and we played a game to help us building numbers using 100s, 10s and units. 

In topic this week we learnt about food chains. We looked at food chains under the sea using a shark as the predator and made pictures to show what we learnt. 

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