Thursday 18th May 2017 Learning Log By Katy & Amy

This week we went to the primary ones to do French. Previously in the week we made fortune tellers and we put French colours, numbers and greetings, we made extras for the primary ones to do the same. We thought that the primary ones knew a lot of French when we came along. We hope we can do something like this in the future!
This week we enjoyed maths; one of our classes groups are starting to learn about negative numbers and are mainly using sums like -7 –6. We think that negative numbers are fun and would love to keep learning about them. We have also been learning about the difference between 24 hour clocks and 12 hour clocks we made a poster about what we know about time already.

This week we (as a class) don’t need to get better at not speaking when any member of the class or Miss Bishop is talking since we seem to be doing a lot at the same time when we should be learning.

Our target is to complete the negative numbers challenge that that is on our wall/blackboard.

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