P5b Learning Log wk beginning 15.5.17

By Jonny and Kenzie

Literacy: Grammar we were learning about possessive apostrophes and how to use them when it is a plural or singular word. We have been doing a lot of research this week about our articles that we are writing for our class newspaper. We are going to be concentrating on reading and reading for enjoyment. We have been reading out loud in our literacy circles. You need to put lots of expression and understand the word meanings so you can read quickly, accurately and with an interesting voice for your audience.


Maths: This week we were doing the last part of our fraction work. We were comparing and ordering fractions. Some of us are learning more about different strategies to help us add and subtract several digits. And we have also been looking at how to set out sums from words problems. You need to do several steps to make sure you get all the information to do the right kind of sum.

Science: We are carrying on our experiments. This week we wanted to investigate if fertiliser helps a plant grow quicker and stronger. We made up an experiment that had a control group of plants so we could compare to see what happens when plant food is added and then not added.


Art: For our art we are weaving and we are using patterns we can see in plants to make our own pattern drawings. We were looking at a New Zealand artist called Raewyn Harris uses the Kuro Spiral plant to help her make patterns. We looked at growing ferns and used how they grow to make patterns for our pictures.We are entering the Leith Gala poster competition the poster has to be about a time travelling machine and we need to write a little about our machine.



PE:In PE we have been doing athletics for sports day.  We were doing heave throws. We were also practising catching an object. We also did  rounders to practise running, throwing  and catching.



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