P4b Learning Log May 15th-19th

This week we have really been improving our fitness level and our athletic skills. We have moved on to ball skills such as dribbling a basket ball. We work on obstacle courses like running in and out of cones and jumping over hurdles. Thanks to the sunny weather we have been able to do PE outside!

In maths this week we had a big focus on division facts. We have been learning the link between multiplication and division and we are getting better a it each day!
In RME this term we are looking at world hunger. This week we chose a country in the world that is suffering from world hunger. We found it using at atlas and did a bit of research.

We had a really fun and interesting big writing lesson this week. We began writing our scripts for a play last week. We finished them and got to present the drama to the class. It was great fun and we learnt a lot about how scripts are written and the different things you need to write, organise and direct a play.

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