P6a Learning Log w.c. 8.5.17

12/05/17 Learning Log

L.I-to share and assess my learning this week, using a range of openers

Yesterday we did daily mile. The types of movement we did were skipping and hopscotch. We did it for was ten minutes. It was very fun but tiring. I think I did very well at it.

This week we have been learning about Keeping Myself Safe. The first episode we watched was about a girl whose parents will not let her go to the shopping centre but she goes with her friend anyway. We had to create a drama scene around it. I was in a group with John, Kian, Hannah and me. I think I did very well in my group with not arguing.

This week I enjoyed athletics. The stations we did were hurdles, cones, bean bags, and jumping between the hurdles. My group was Louise, Edward, Zara and Niamh. My favourite station was jumping over the hurdles.


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